DarkTyrannomon DK


DarkTyrannomon is a Dinosaur Shinkoukeimon. Although it was originally a Tyrannomon-species Digimon, it was infected by a vicious computer virus, causing a bug in its flesh's configuration data and transforming it into a frenzied Shinkoukeimon. Its body turned black, its arms grew stronger than Tyrannomon's, and its offensive power grew. It identifies anything reflected in its eyes as an enemy and starts attacking, becoming completely frenzied.


  • Fire Blast: Transforms all of its surroundings into a sea of flames with a super-powerful flamethrower.
  • Iron tail

Physical AppearanceEdit

DarkTyrannomon is a bipedal dinosaur with purple eyes, 2 fingers on each hands, three toes on each feet, and a red-hair resembling a wings of bird. She has black fur on her body, which fur on her belly, and red stripes on their head, tail, arms, and legs. The tip of her tail appears to be sewed to the rest of it, and it has green torn spikes on its back. DarkTyrannomon has white claws on its fingers and black claws on its toes, and wears metal ornaments on her upper claws, and multiple brown belts on her wrists. Its design appears to be based on the fictional Godzilla.


Shinkoukeimon AdventureEdit

Her first appearance was in Flower Power. She first appeared when Myotismon's armies emerged to swarm Odaiba in the search for the Eighth Child, the predestined eighth member of the ZapiDestined. Jack's father and his friends had a close run-in with him, but escaped unharmed. DarkTyrannomon reared her head again when the captive populous of Odaiba attempted to escape from the convention centre where Myotismon had imprisoned them. Togemon battled her, but was outmatched, when Lina's father crashed a van into him, but didn't do any damage. She was all set to finish off Lina's parents, when Lina's Crest began to glow, allowing Togemon to Zapivolve to Lillymon. Lillymon used a flower chain to suppress the computer virus inside DarkTyrannomon, rendering her harmless. Then, Myotismon showed up and blasted DarkTyrannomon back to the ZapiWorld.

Shinkoukeimon Adventure DuoEdit

The Shinkoukeimon Emperor commonly used DarkTyrannomon as their muscles. They first appeared when he sicced them on SkullGreymon, whom defeated them easily, and then on the ZapiDestined's Shinkoukeimon while the Emperor attached the prototype Dark Spiral to Agumon and made them guarded the base.

A DarkTyrannomon is among the Shinkoukeimon that crashed Jack's concert, but it is sent back to the Digital World by Greymon.

Another DarkTyrannomon is among those being herded through New York to Central Park.

Shinkoukeimon TamersEdit

She appeared only in "Guilmon Comes Alive" by fighting Maildramon. After evolving to MetalTyrannomon, she crushed a Maildramon ever after.