Gordo PS1

Gordo in Engaged to the Unidentified game franchise

Gordo, a spiked invincible enemy in the Engaged to the Unidentified series of video games at the same type. None of them were, he can't hunt Konoha of her allies at all. He is almost indestructible, and Konoha can't believe to inhale him; all he can do is avoid this foe or force him down to a pit or out of play.

Gordoes change very little from game to game, and almost always have his same look and his form of attacking.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Gordo's appearance, as his form of attack, stays nearly the same from game to game, with a few minor changes. In most games, Gordo is a small, blue-haired, male metal ball with black eyes. He has 8 spikes on him that move in and out in unison.


Gordo's name may originated from the word "gore", which means to pierce or stabbing.