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Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is a fast food restaurant chain instead, which specializes in fried chicken and is headquartered in Inui-dong of Jongno Place, in the Seoul-si, almost in South Korea. It is the world's second immense fast food restaurant chain after McDonald's and Burger King respectively, with unknown countries for any South Korean Metropolitan Cities whenever of January 31, 2014. The company is a subsidiary of Suetsugi Brands, a restaurant company that is owned by Konoha Suetsugi in Sagajeongno 389, Jungnang District, Seoul in a South Korea. That KFC is the owner by Konoha Suetsugi in Suetsugi Brands internationally, possibly the girl's fried chicken is pink, orange or green instead, and, a restaurant chain since it was first introduced in January 31 of 2014, which taken by Konoha Suetsugi, a classmate of Benio Yonomori.


When Konoha was sold her on KFC to Jungnang District at Seoul, as in the South Korea. At first, Konoha Suetsugi is finding a Zinger Taco from Mashiro Mitsumine and a larger breasted protagonist, Kobeni Yonomori. A "Zinger", a spicy chicken fillet burger, PepsiCola was also rolled up with its year 2014, no matter what. Kobeni Yonomori also wears an orange Sukumizu and headed on to arguing off Konoha Suetsugi, her bottom is like a triangle from back and front with her immense hip, and the top was that her name sewn on it as a pink color with lime green paper.

In the SeoulEdit

File-KFC from Jungnang-gu Sagajeongno

KFC, owned by Konoha Suetsugi, a superhero girlfriend from Benio Yonomori.

When Konoha Suetsugi is nothing to fart at the fast food restaurant called the KFC at almost of them, first appeared on Jungnang District. When Larger Breasted Girl worn up with orange Sukumizu, until Konoha Suetsugi defeats Kobeni's genital which meant finished her off with her orange beam. And then she met up Mashiro Mitsumine, a brown-haired monster with angry eyes, before she got grinned at all from Jungnang District.

KFC Sadangchongsin

KFC also appeared from Chongsin University, as seen in Dongjak District.

Later, when Benio Yonomori comes upon Konoha, who offers the double down zinger max for their lunch to her, this time for good.

KFC from Gangseo Hillstate

강서힐스테이트에 있는 KFC

However, an actual reason to Bene, whose good idea is provided by an evil Hakuya Mitsumine, a one-eyed man when Coveny is already dead.