LunarBunny Lysa Crossing Artwork

Lunar Bunnies from Mashiro: Lysa Crossing Artwork

Lunar Bunny, one of the regular enemies that, first appearing in Mashiro Mitsumine, where are you? Lunar Bunnies resemble two-footed, rabbit queen-like creatures who have large ears (which double as arms). Lunar Bunnies gave those girlfriend the Throw Ability when inhaled, a servant of Elvis, a swamp monster that is given to do so.


She resembled a rabbit-eared queen with her pair of orange shoes. Her color scheme is make ever to much between a Waddle Ichigo and a Yayoi Head. She is black hair and chocolate brown eyes, her ears double as arms, and the ends are more spherical and resemble hands. Lunar Bunny is one of the second few enemies that Kobeni and Mashiro needs those Ultra Inhale, because she is always heavier to inhaling normally.


Lunar Bunny's Japanese name, Lunabunny, which probably comes from the two words "luna" is Latin for moon, and Bunny, referring to those enemies' rabbit-like figures.


  • Lunar Bunny is a servants of Elvis, because a normal enemy gave a Throw Ability.
  • Elvis the Elephant Squid, who served Lunar Bunny instead, one of the Mid-Bosses possessed to his Throw Ability when inhaling it.