Mantiwheel OS Artwork

Mantiwheel is a regular enemy at the Engaged to the unidenfitied game franchise.

Mantiwheel is a mantis tire-like enemy that is exclusively male in gender. He gets the Wheel ability when inhaling. Probably he has green hood with curved antennae on head's top, small black eyes, and thick eyebrows, handle bars, and exhaust pipes.

Physical AppearancesEdit

Mantiwheel resembles a mantis-hooded tire. He has green hood with curved antennae on top of its head, small black eyes, and thick eyebrows.


Kobeni, Mashiro, Konoha and Niko met a Mantiwheel from a beach where they worn an orange normal-kini instead. However, Mantiwheel created an orange gases to become impulsive, until Rilla to defeat it back.

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