Mashiro Mitsumine from PS1 by 2015

Mashiro Mitsumine (Japanese: ミツミネ·マシロ) is a platform game made by Naughty Hamster in 2014 for the PS1, featuring the character by the same name. While playing, she must fight Doctor Hakuya and his Sub-surge in order to save Benio, her beloved rival, from Hakuya Mitsumine. This game was made when Naughty Dog had only ten employees. As well as being originally released on the PlayStation, it was also emulated on the PlayStation Network on January 14, 2015.


The gameplay in Mashiro Mitsumine is noticeably simpler than the series' later iterations. Mashiro make learn any skills throughout the game, she is able only to jump, slide and use a spin attack. Her only animal that Mashiro can ride in this game is a Zuba, which was re-used in the next 2 Mashiro games.


Mitsuminity Island

Mitsuminity Beach (Character gem)

Jungle Rollers (Character gem)

The Great Gate (Character gem)

Boulders (Character gem)

Upstream (Character gem)

Boss 1 by Kobeni (Super Belly Flop)

Rolling Stones (Character gem)

Zuba Rider (Character gem)

Lieutenant Fortress (Character gem)

Wumpa Island

Climb that Creek (Character gem)

Boss 2 by Konoha (Double Jump)

The Lost City (Niko Gem)

Black Ruins (Character gem)

Road to Nowhere (Character gem)

Boulder Dash (Character gem)

Whole Hogs (Requires a key from Sunset Vista / Character gem)

Sunset Vista (Character gem)

Boss 3 Rilla (Mad Tornado Spin)

Hakuya Island

Heavy Machinery (Character gem)

Hakuya Power (Character gem)

Generator Room (Yayoi gem)

Toxic Waste (Aoi gem)

Boss 4 Taropot (Fruit Bazooka)

The High Road (Character gem)

Slippery Climb (Ichigo gem)

Lights Out (Kobato gem)

Fumbling in the dark (second key needed / Character gem)

Jaws of Darkness (Character gem)

Castle Machinery (Character gem)

Boss 5 Niko (Speed Shoes)

The Lab (Konoha gem)

The Great Hall (Characters Gem paths only)

Boss 6 Hakuya (Sneak Shoes)

Voice CastEdit

Mashiro Mitsumine - Yuka Tokumitsu

Konoha Suetsugi - Saki Fujita

Kobeni Yonomori - Rie Kugimiya

Niko Oono - Azusa Tadokoro

Hakuya Mitsumine - Hiroaki Hirata