Mikakunin de Shinkoukei: Kobeni's Crimson Land is a Gameboy Advance resolution of the 2014 Nintendou Entertainment System (NES) in the 2nd platform game, Kobeni's Love Stage!.


When the logos shown up, one Kobeni runs by, then 136 of them dash by. One of them tips, and gets kicked off-screen by the second to last one.


This game started with Kobeni taking a nice nap, but she is something wrong at all, because of that nightmare continued to capturing her instead! Some time later, Kobeni had a nightmare contained her rival, King Jord, bathing in its waters. She found that Jord has broken the Square Rod, the power source of the fountain, into 7 pieces, giving 6 pieces to those friends and keeping one themselves. She decides to tracking down after the battle of King Jord instead and order to Crimson Land.


For the most part, the game plays similarly to its original NES incarnation. As with most Kobeni franchise, this game is a platfomer, the point is to get Kobeni to the end of the current level through walking, jumping over obstacles and defeating enemies.

Her memories are a main method of attack is to inhaling enemies or certain object and spit them at other enemies.


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1. Nerotree (Vert Plains)

2. Paint Nanami (Popsicle Temple)

3. Insectolupus (Lupus Building)

4. Ricobird (Soaking Guarders)

5. Gear Talpa (Doughnut Yard)

6. Ursa Knight (Purple Ocean)

7. King Jord (Crimson Resort)


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