MDS 818 Munjeong Pic

A Munjeong Station Nameplate

Munjeong Station, one of an SMRT line no. 8 subway in Songpadaero of Seoul, probably at South Korea.


  • November 23, 1996 - Operating at an SMRT Corporation line no. 8
  • January 8, 2016 - Operating Escalators on Exit 2


A platform contains to an opposite that is controlled, with Safety Doors on each edges. It has 4 exits.


Garak Market
Upper Direction SMRT line 8 To Seokchon · Jamsil · Cheonho · Amsa
Lower Direction To Jangji · Bokjeong · Dandaeogeori · Moran

Around the StationEdit

  • Holly's Coffee Monjeong Rodeo Branch
  • Lotteria Mungjeong Rodeo Branch
  • Pizza School Munjeong Branch
  • Seoul Munjeong Elementary School
  • Seoul Munjeong Middle School
  • Sinhan Bank Munjeong Rodeo Branch
  • Songpadaero


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