Nadeshiko Kashima
鹿島 撫子
Kashima Nadeshiko
Gender Female
Race Human
First Appearance
Voice Actress/Actor
Ayane Sakura

Nadeshiko Kashima (鹿島 撫子 Kashima Nadeshiko?) is the student council vice-president.


Nadeshiko has short brown hair, and amber coloured eyes. She is usually seen wearing her school uniform.


Not much is shown about Nadeshiko, other than the fact that she works alongside Benio as the student council vice-president. Nadeshiko often shows a lack of emotion, which is demonstrated by her constant frowning expression. However, she is a friendly, mature student at heart. She disapproves of Benio's obsessive behavior towards Mashiro.


Benio YonomoriEdit

Nadeshiko is often the person Benio calls, only to inform her about the dreams she has experienced involving Kobeni and Mashiro. Because Nadeshiko considers these things to be irrelevant/unnecessary, she will often hang up mid-way through the conversation.

She also controls Benio's behavior at school and is often forced to "punish" her if she demonstrates weird, or otherwise her true behavior at school. These punishments will usually involve Nadeshiko hitting Benio with a book.

Kobeni YonomoriEdit


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