Sagajeong Station is a SMRT Line 7 from Sagajeongno, Jungnang-gu, Seoul Special City. Its name means to be 4 beautiful pavilions or just Sagajeong Street, depending on the subway.


This platform is an opposite platform, with 2-faces and the 2-lines respectively.


Upper Line To Sangbong, Taereung, Dobongsan and Jangam

Lower Line To Gunja, Express Bus Terminal, Cheonwang and a Bupyeong District Office

Around in the mostEdit

Baskin' Robbins

Pizza Maru

KFC (Which is the owner, Konoha)

Myeonmok chil-dong Community Center

Kimbap Lover

Mom's touch Myeonmok Store

Rodeo Motel


MDS 722Sagajeong A01


MDS 722Sagajeong A02

7호선 사가정역 부평구청 방면 승강장

MDS 722Sagajeong A03

Exit 2, opened at March 23 of 2016

MDS 722Sagajeong A04

Exit 3

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