Sindaebang 3-liner Station, or just Sindaebangsamgeori Station internationally, is a SMRT line 7 from Daebang-dong of Seoul, which probably seen in Dongjak-gu. Their names considerably seen in Daebang-dong, not as seen after Sindaebang-dong is. It had a Seongdae Market on the right side.


This platform is an opposite platform, with 2-faces and the 2-lines respectively. This station track is very impossible at all.


Upper Line To Namseong, Gongneung, Dobongsan and Jangam

Lower Line To Daerim, Cheolsan, Sinjung-dong and Bupyeong District Office

Around in the mostEdit

Seongdae Market

Dunkin' Donuts Seongdae Market Store

Pizza Maru in Seongdae Market

Lotteria in Seongdae Market

Baskin' Robbins

Sangdosam-dong Community Center

Sangdo 119 Safety Center

Dodo Villa

Changnim Villa


MDS 741Sindaebangsamgeori A01


MDS 741Sindaebangsamgeori A02

부평구청방면 승강장

MDS 741Sindaebangsamgeori A03

부평구청 방면 승강장 에스컬레이터

MDS 741Sindaebangsamgeori A04

부평구청방면 개찰구

MDS 741Sindaebangsamgeori A05

1번 출구